Cleaner, smarter cities made together


    You are currently looking at a prototype for a new project that we are co-creating with input from many different people, like yourself.


    If you have any questions or comments, please email:



    We want to create cleaner, happier cities through smart technology and a network of citizens and supporters.


    By measuring air quality, crowds and noise, cities and citizens can make smarter decisions to build better cities, for everyone.

  • Here's the plan:

    Add a simple sensor to your window, balcony roof, storefront or anywhere you feel it is relevant to learn more about the environment...

  • How It Works

    Three ways to use your sensor


    Buy and connect a sensor

    Get one of our sensors, plug it in and start creating data from the world around you.


    Choose what you do with your data

    1 - Look only at your own data.

    2 - Share your data with the community.

    3 - Make your data commercially available


    Put the data to work!

    Use the data to make an impact locally, help advance science or get perks for doing good!

  • Here's what your data can do:

    Learn, share and make a positive impact!

    Share your data

    Every sensor counts

    In order to fight climate change, improve cities and create more livable environments it is important to have a lot of insight about the world around us.

    If you choose to share your data with the community, your data becomes available for free to academics, researchers and non-profits fighting climate change through science and the Clean Circle community.

    Take action

    Knowledge is power

    If you are concerned about your environment, use our 'impact' tool to put your data to work. With this tool you can gather insight and evidence to help you make your case.

    We help you present the data in a scientific way so you can talk to your local council, get together with your neighborhood to take local action or help others understand your situation better.

    Share your data commercially

    Get rewards for sharing your data

    There are many businesses and commercial entities who can benefit from environmental data, like weather information providers, government agencies and satellite companies. 

    If you choose to let us share your anonymized data commercially we will let you share in the benefits. Your sensor will be fully refunded and we are working with partners to give you monthly perks!

    Because we want to improve the world, your data will only be sold to entities who will use it to improve the world, not pollute it.

    You can always choose to keep your data free for non-profits, academic purposes and the community.

  • One smart birdhouse

    Start your Clean Circle with this kit


    Inside this little birdhouse lives an advanced sensor that senses how much pollution there is in the air around it, as well how many people pass by it and how noise it is.

    The brains

    This is the sensor that lives inside. When you receive your Clean Circle kit, you can assemble it yourself. Use the sensor like this if you want to hide it from plain sight, or use the birdhouse to attach it to your window.

    Understanding the data

    You get an online dashboard and app which shows you air quality in your circle, and if you choose to share your insights, the air quality of others around you.

  • The network

    Check out the current network of sensors

  • Tell us what you think

  • Count me in!

    If you would like to become part of the network, or would like to use the data for good, send us a message!

  • Who are we?

    Meet the team on a mission to improve life in big cities


    Clean Circle Cities is an initiative from the startup ULTRA IoT, our goal is to put new technology to good use and improve the way we make decisions about the world we live in.

    ULTRA IoT is a tech-for-good startup, we share data commercially with companies and institutions using the data to improve the environment, and we give back to the community any way we can. Being scientists ourselves we are extremely passionate about environmental science, reliable data and research.